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"To have the thoughts about your body out of your way so that you can just be in your body and live your life - That's the ultimate goal."
- Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN
Eating disorders are complex, nuanced and emotionally and physically draining. They do not discriminate and can quickly have complete control over your entire life. Full recovery from an eating disorder IS possible. You CAN have freedom the constant thoughts about food and the self ridicule. I have seen it and am honored to be on this journey with so many individuals. 
Treatment with me
I operate from a Health at Every Size standpoint, meaning I do not focus on weight and I believe people can naturally exist and be healthy in a variety of body sizes and shapes. I encourage you to do some reading and research to see that the current literature completely supports a paradigm shift away from weight-centric treatment. I strongly believe in and help clients integrate Intuitive Eating principles. I think the ultimate goal for all of us is to be able to eat intuitively - to eat and choose foods that we enjoy and will nourish us. Our bodies are extremely sophisticated and part of treatment with me is to get back to a place where you can trust that your body knows what to do. I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and have seen clients with eating disorders and disordered eating make significant progress in their recovery by being able to challenge and reframe disordered thoughts.
If you have an eating disorder, think you might have one, have extreme body dissatisfaction or have been dieting off and on, I encourage you to reach out. We can meet and talk about what's been going on without jumping to any conclusions. I have worked with clients who struggle with anorexia, binge eating disorder, bulimia, orthorexia and other specified feeding and eating disorder (OSFED). 
Here are a few resources I would recommend if you are looking for some extra support. I think it's important to have access to inclusive, supportive and pro recovery spaces when you are trying to make a change.
Anti Diet by Christy Harrison
The Fuck It Diet by Caroline Dooner
Body Kindness by Rebecca Scritchfield
Body Respect by Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor
Life Without Ed by Jenni Schaeffer
Food Psych by Christy Harrison

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